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Ashi is a Sanskrit word meaning blessing or Gift from God.

Through Ashi Box, my goal is to share some of the love and knowledge India has given me - including traditional aspects of yoga practice and mythology.  Although born and raised in Colorado, I now spend most of my time in India, and much of the curation and design of the Ashi Boxes are done in collaboration with my Indian friends. I am not an expert on yoga or Indian culture, but have been so deeply touched by my time spent learning Indian traditions and traditional yoga that I wanted to find a way to share that with those that might not be able to experience these aspects of India themselves.

I have such a deep level of respect for this ancient lifestyle and philosophy. My hope is to provide content that allows you to deepen your practice and learn more about traditional yoga; but also to incorporate some fun and enjoyment by including unique products from India as well as partnering with smaller companies that are doing awesome things.

Please contact me at info@ashibox.com if you have any questions.